Ukip's Performance In By-elections Since 2015 Has Been Underwhelming; Their Best Result In A Parliamentary Contest Was A 3% Improvement In Their Vote In Oldham West.

Candidates reporting the universally warm reception they have received on the doorstep are taking part in a grand tradition, but offering no evidence. UKIP's performance in by-elections since 2015 has been underwhelming; their best result in a parliamentary contest was non stop flights to hawaii a 3% improvement in their vote in Oldham West. In council by elections since September they've held one seat and made one gain from Labour, lost two to the Conservatives and one to the Lib Dems. It's not much of a surge. While the Conservatives are thought to have a much better chance in the by-election in Copeland, they ran UKIP close in Stoke in 2015. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Both UKIP and the Lib Dems are looking to capitalise on the passions shown during the EU referendum campaign Their candidate Jack Brereton sticks with unerring consistency to a handful of talking points, brooking little deviation and plenty of repetition. Why did he vote to remain at the referendum? "I voted Remain and I've been open and honest about that because - um - but we need to get beyond that, it's about now delivering Brexit," he answers. If it's a maddening (for an interviewer) habit to acquire aged 25 it's also the habit of someone who has already become a Tory council cabinet member in a Labour area. Compelling fight Labour's Snell meanwhile is a borough councillor, and argues that while local voters are concerned southwest flights to chicago about Brexit they want to know what plan the prime minister has for jobs and investment in Stoke.